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CitizenCard, Route 1

Use if you have an official document confirming your identity such as: birth certificate, NHS Medical Card, Criminal Records Bureau check, European Health Insurance Card, passport, UK photo driving licence, EU National ID Card, Home Office approved photo ID or card bearing the PASS hologram.

Please complete this form, pay online, print off your application and post it to us. If you apply on your mobile or tablet, don’t worry - a copy of your application with full instructions will be sent to your email.

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Please allow up to 21 working days for a Standard (£15.00) application and 1-2 working days for an Urgent (£30.00) application

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You can choose an age-band that will be printed on your card. If you select the next age-band, your application will be put on hold until you are eligible to receive the requested card.

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  • I confirm I have read and accept the CitizenCard Terms & Conditions.
  • I acknowledge that providing false information is a criminal offence (Fraud Act 2006). I understand CitizenCard will not issue a card unless all requirements for card issue have been met.
  • I understand that payment covers the cost of processing this application. I am not buying the card, which remains the property of CitizenCard Limited and it may not be lent to, or used by, anyone other than myself.
  • I will enclose 2 colour passport-quality (45mm x 35mm) photos, one signed by the referee.
  • I will attach to this application a copy of an original document confirming my identity signed by the referee. I will check a list of permitted Route 1 referees to find out who can act as one.
  • I consent to being contacted by CitizenCard in connection with legal, advisory and promotional purposes.
  • I understand that an incomplete application form cannot be processed.
  • I consent to the referee confirming my personal details when contacted by CitizenCard.